15 Jul 2015

http://wallpart.com/poster/ this website is illegally selling prints of my artwork 
upon which it has absolutely no property rights. 
Wallpart are scammers. 
They sell stolen artwork.

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2 Apr 2014

At Christie´s

(photos courtesy of Olivier Souillé)

April 2014 -
Hanging between Hugo Pratt the Magnificent
and legendary frank Frazetta.
I'm blessed.

9 Feb 2014

Gabriel the Faun is Back

Le petit Faune caracole de nouveau,
The little Faun rides once more,
El Fauno niño cavalca de nuevo.

13 Feb 2013

Coming Soon ...

le 15 mars 2013.
dans toutes les bonnes librairies.
en Français.
On March 15th, 2013
Available in every good bookstore.
the French release.

28 Jan 2013

17 Jan 2013

ready for printing.

Le Monde de Yaxin - LE JOUR DE LA LICORNE. 
Prêt pour l'imprimerie. 
The World of Yaxin - The Day Of The Unicorn is ready for printing.